Ulonų str. 8A, LT-62505 Alytus

Tel. +370 315 52001




Pursuant to the provisions of the Law on the Legal Protection of Personal Data, information about an arrested / convicted person held in an institution is NOT PROVIDED BY PHONE.


Director Genadijus Lepiochinas

tel. +370 315 73110  


Deputy director Vygantas Laučys

tel. +370 315 73020


Deputy director Raimundas Markauskas

tel. +370 315 73070

Contact Person for Communication in English and Russian:

Raimundas Markauskas Deputy director +370 315 52 001
In Russian General matters
Sonata Buzaitienė

Operational organizational

unit advisor

+370 315 74 988
In English General matters
Rolandas Marcinauskas Security management unit advisor

+370 315 53 542
In Russian Convicts records matters
Evgenija Svipienė Security management unit inspector In Russian Convicts records matters


Working Hours:

Monday - Thursday 8.00  to 17.00 
Friday                      8.00  to 15.45
Break                      12.00 to 12.45 


If your have a question or a suggestion related to the activities of the Alytus Correction House, please sent it by e-mail: 


Updated on: 6/23/2020 8:50 AM
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